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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Life in the family fast lane!

Wow! This week has been exciting! My son's football team has made it to the playoffs and we have our first competitive basketball game of the Fall season tonight! We also just got family portraits taken yesterday outside our home in a straw field. It was stress trying to pull everything together at the last minute since the decision to take the photos only happened hours before the shoot!! Kellee Smith is a superb photographer, so we should have some great shots even though my son shot a rubber band at his sister's eye immediately before the shoot which made her hysterical and looking pretty bloodshot. Thank goodness for Visine! Then he got a good reprimand from Dad which put him in a great mood for photos. NOT! Also, I ended up getting my hair styled at a salon down the street to save time. However, my hair-do looks like my mom's back in the 1970's!!
It's 2:20am!! Gotta get to bed. I have a visitor coming between 8-9 in the morning with the football practice and the basketball game not ending till 9pm at night! Then we have an hour drive home after that!
Hoping for a fabulously fun and exciting day !! Can't wait for the photos!!

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